KGLT-FM is a growing source of regional and national programming. KGLT’s FCC License is owned by the Montana State Board of Regents. KGLT is operated as a program of Montana State University – Bozeman (MSU-B). Broadcasting from the MSU-B campus since its inception in 1968, KGLT provides non-commercial, educational radio to area listeners. KGLT is an all music station providing diverse music programmed and played by live announcers.

KGLT is funded by donations from listeners, grants, foundations, underwriting and support from the Associated Students of Montana State University. KGLT works with many clubs and programs on and off campus, writing and producing over 1,500 public service announcements per year.

KGLT supports MSU-B’s goals and is committe to educating the public and providing information that will enhance our connection to the community and campus, KGLT is committed to running a transparent business.

Our staff of four employees is supported by a diverse student workforce. Diversity in the student population of Montana State University – Bozeman is about 14% of the student population.

KGLT will be involved in a Freshman mentoring program and will provide announcements for a new movement on campus called Open MSU, offering easy access to any type of support a student might require.