Verbivore’s Feast

Verbivore’s Feast: A Banquet of Word & Phrase Origins
From Chrysti the Wordsmith

Verbivore's Feast

Verbivore’s Feast

A Banquet of Word and Phrase Origins is a fascinating history of some of the English language’s most familiar words and phrases — and some of the strangest — by Chrysti M. Smith, host of the popular radio series “Chrysti the Wordsmith,” produced on the campus of Montana State University-Bozeman at KGLT-FM.

This search through ancestral legends, customs, and cultures uncovers the living complexity of our amazing, ever-changing language. Along the way, these word-stories educate, entertain, and often lead into unexpected territory.


Find out why:

“The word ukulele was inspired by the flea.
“When you’re delirious, you’re “plowing your field in crooked rows.”
“The life and death of St. Audrey, a 7th century English abbess, inspired the word tawdry.
“When you’re mediocre, you’re only “halfway up the mountain.”
“A disgruntled 18th century English playwright was the first to complain that someone stole his thunder.

What led to the expression let the cat out of the bag? Why do we call blondes towheads? For Pete’s sake, what is a fangle? In this engaging collection of word origins and histories, the host of the “Chrysti the Wordsmith” series, produced at KGLT-FM in Bozeman, Montana, shares the stories behind the words. This irresistible medley is a must-have for word lovers everywhere.

384 pages, 6″x 9″, softcover and hardcover
ISBN: 1-56037-267-2 (soft); 1-56037-265-6 (hard)
Price: $15.95 (soft); $24.95 (hard)
Publication date: May 2004

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Verbivore’s Feast, Second Course: More Word & Phrase Origins
From Chrysti the Wordsmith

Verbivore's Feast, Second Course

Verbivore’s Feast: Second Course

In this companion to Verbivore’s Feast, Chrysti the Wordsmith once again examines the evolutions and histories of the clichés and expressions that pepper the English language.

Exploring words such as lollygag and quack, and phrases ranging from break a leg to shake a stick at to Adam’s apple to trip the light fantastic, Chrysti the Wordsmith uncovers fascinating stories about their origins.

Verbivore’s Feast, Second Course is a compilation of radio scripts generated for the Chrysti the Wordsmith radio series, daily audio etymological episodes produced at KGLT-FM at Montana State University in Bozeman.

Dictionary lovers will appreciate the generous bibliography of lexicons, abecedariums, and glossaries included in this volume. Word lovers will appreciate every page of Verbivore’s Feast, Second Course!

352 pages, 5.6″x 8″, softcover and hardcover
ISBN: 1-56037-402-0 (soft); 1-56037-404-7 (hard)
Price: $15.95 (soft); $24.95 (hard)
Publication date: October 2006

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